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Since 1956, working for perfect fixation

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Maquitrok was born in 1956 with a clear objective: to offer innovative and high-quality solutions for the textile industry. After years of experience, in 1984 we launched the Maquitrok brand, specialized in the design and manufacture of dies and riveting machines for placing eyelets, eyelets and rivets.

In 2021, we moved to new, larger and more modern facilities. These new facilities house our manufacturing workshop, spare parts warehouse, technical and administrative office, as well as an R&D department.


At Maquitrok, we are committed to the total satisfaction of our customers. We are passionate about what we do and strive to exceed your expectations on every project.


At Maquitrok, our mission is to facilitate the success of our clients by providing them with comprehensive and personalized solutions for the placement of eyelets, eyelets and rivets.


How do we achieve it?

  •   Wide range of products: We offer a complete selection of the highest quality products, from manual and pneumatic machines, eyelets and grommets of different materials and sizes to rivets for various applications.

  •   Personalized technical service: We have a team of highly qualified experts who will advise you on selecting the ideal solution for your needs and will provide you with excellent technical service.

  •   Constant innovation: We remain at the forefront of technology to offer you innovative products and solutions that optimize your production processes.


At Maquitrok, we are proud to have a team diverse in age and experience, where youth brings freshness and innovation and experience provides strength and knowledge. This balance allows us to offer our clients a comprehensive service of the highest quality.


Personalized approach: Each client is unique, that is why we take the time to get to know you and offer you tailored solutions, no more and no less than what you need.


Total Transparency: We always act with integrity and clarity, so you feel safe and confident every step of the way.

and fair treatment

Team at your side: We have an expert and passionate team that listens to you, understands you and accompanies you at all times.


Constant communication: We maintain fluid and transparent communication so that you are informed and up to date with everything that happens.

Trust and commitment

Continuous improvement: We implement a culture of improvement
constantly reviewing and optimizing our processes to offer you the best possible experience.


Constant innovation: We are constantly looking for new technologies and solutions to offer you products and services of the highest quality.


Experience at your service: More than 65 years of experience support us, allowing us to anticipate your needs and offer you precise and efficient solutions.

In-depth knowledge: We dominate our sector perfectly, which allows us to offer you a specialized and high-value service.


Commitment to the planet: We are committed to sustainable and environmentally responsible practices, to build a better future for everyone.

Corporate social responsibility

At Maquitrok, our values are the basis of everything we do. They are the compass that guides us on our path to offer you the best possible experience.

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